Small Time Criminals

Theatre/Immersive Game: Set and Props Design and Realisation

Combining live performers, electronic puzzles and environmental challenges, Small Time Criminals is a fully immersive real world simulation being created by Pop Up Playground. Play as a team of thieves hired for a big heist and crack the codes on safes, avoid laser tripwires, hack computers and hide from the security guard in our real two-story ex-bank building in Melbourne.

Small Time Criminals is a game in which a team of up to six players cooperate to steal valuables from a corrupt investment bank. It’s a real world simulation: a game that uses props, set dressing, actors and lighting to create an immersive, realistic experience. You’ll be figuring out where valuables are hidden or locked up, how to find or access them, and which ones might be worth the most.


Experience Directors: Robert Reid and Sayraphim Lothain 

Set and Props Designer: Anastassia Poppenberg

Design Assistants: Nicholas Sanders and Melissa Ho

Game Design: Kevin Turner and Benjamin McKenzie

Lighting Designer: Bronwyn Pringle

Production Manager: Kate Brennan