Smithereens (Melbourne Fringe/FRISK Festival 2015)

Theatre: Set and Props Design

Five performers come together with a single objective: to explain the meaning of life, once and for all. When they realise their individual answers to the big question are worlds apart however, they are left with one option: make five shows and let the audience decide. Hurtling through excess, corruption and self-preservation, the performers are stripped bare as they create, collaborate and sabotage. As each vies for centre stage, multiple narratives tangle in search of the grand and the minuscule, leaving no stone left unturned. What emerges is a darkly comic narrative that ultimately escapes beyond anyone's control; one as unstable and contradictory as life itself.


Cast/Creatives: Joshua Monaghan, Charles Purcell, Zachary Pidd, Rosie Clynes, Rebekah Robertson

Set and Props Designer/Creative: Anastassia Poppenberg

Costume Designer/Creative: Eleanor Hutchinson

Lighting Designer/Creative: Michelle Thorn

Sound Design/Creative: Celine Khong

Stage Manager: Rebecca Zarb

Photography: Lachlan Wood