Sad Digger Mad Mary (MidSumma Festival 2017)

Theatre: Set and Props Design and Construction

There’s a wind in the east and a storm is coming in, like something is brewing, it’s about to begin

‘Digger’ has abandoned his post and retreated to a bush shanty; living happily alone with his billy always on the boil, ‘Bluey’ by his side and an unshakeable memory of something more than mateship. A storm is brewing and an unexpected turn in the weather ushers in a magical therapist to set things str8, in a Practically Perfect way.

Sad Digger Mad Mary is an unauthorised, unorthodox and unnerving depiction of a man confronting his desires and
resisting forced reassimilation into society after service to the motherland, whatever that means. Let’s throw two coins
in the air and see where they land this time around.




Written and Performed: Tom Halls

Set and Props Designer: Anastassia Poppenberg

Lighting Designer: Jason Crick

Sound Design: Tom Halls

Director: Yvonne Virsik

Producer and Stage Management: Anastasia Ryan

Photography: Theresa Harrison