Theatre: Props Management/Maker/Scenic Art

Like a big animal, it breathes, moving gently, stretching and moaning, growling and chanting, gazing on us all with a powerful, dangerous yet peaceful stare – like a big animal swimming in an enormous, dark, rich, beautiful river. This is the image that is emerging the work on this production evolves: A creature paddling through the water. And this creature is us, the river. It is all around us. What this creature will be, where the river will flow is up to you, the ones who are observing, witnessing.

For us, the creative team, the process of building this play, of breathing life into this creature, has been one of surrendering, of letting it go; accompanying it rather than crafting or building it. We have surrendered to its power and beauty, and rejoiced in being able to swim with it, this big river that carries all of us as we find ways to overcome every stone, eroding its way through every generation and always finding a place to land.

Winton’s Cloudstreet is an Australian story which has its own particular language. It allows Australia to connect with every other time enduring country, every other people’s time enduring struggle. It is from these struggles that dialogue can, indeed must begin.


Adapted by Nick Enright and Justin Monjo from the novel by Tim Winton

VCA Contemporary Play Season 2015

Directed by Julián Fuentes Reta

Set & prop design - Eloise Kent
Costume design - Laura Hawkins
Lighting design - Steve Hendy
Sound design - Olivia Joppich

Props Management: Anastassia Poppenberg