Beneath and Beyond

Immersive Theatre - Set and Puppet Construction and Management

All is dark at the bottom of the sea. A submarine arrives. Out pops a deep sea diver. We blast off through the atmosphere. Floating past the nebulas, our rocket lands on a strange planet. We meet an alien and have a space disco.

Through theatre trickery and special effects we took audiences on a 4D adventure through underwater landscapes and alien worlds created out of recycled plastic.


A Making Spaces Production Created by:

Bronwyn Pringle, Melanie Liertz, Pippa Bainbridge,
Jack Beeby, Chris Molyneux,  Rachel Edward, Nilgun Guven, Anna Schoo, Anastasia Poppenberg, Sarah Bianco,
Richard Vabre, Rebecca Etchell, Lisa Mibus, Sayraphim Lothian, Dan Goronzy, Sharyn Brand, Sian Bennett, Jason Crick, Scott Jackson and Jessica Davie 

Photography by Rachel Edward