4.48 Psychosis

Theatre: Set Construction

'How can I return to form, now my formal thought has gone?' 

Kane's final play, 4.48 Psychosis articulates the fractured experience of a mind in collapse, asking, 'Is there meaning to life in the light of this loss?'

4.48 Psychosis is composed of twenty-four sections which have no specified setting, stage directions or characters. Its language varies between the naturalistic and the highly abstract or poetic,  where she had begun significantly to marry form and content. 


Writer: Sarah Kane
Director: Justin Nott
Designer: Chantal Makes
Stage Manager: Jess Scott
Set Construction: Anastassia Poppenberg
Costume Assistant: Laura Hawkins
Lighting Designer: Siobbain Geaney
Cast: James Bolton, Danny Carroll, Jack Currie, Scott Leek, Josh Monaghan, Justin Wang